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Sim Lock Guide

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Have you ever had a locked phone?
Then this is the page for you, read all about the wonderful world of sim locks!

||||| Sim Lock Guide ||||

If you get a cheap mobile phone , the operator wants you to use HIS network for the discount you got. The operator can do this by making you sign contracts, OR he can lock the phone so you can't use the SIM of a different operator in that phone as a hardware restriction.

A phone with SIMLOCK is like a radio that can be tuned to 1 station only.


  • a Phone can be locked
  • the SIM is NEVER locked!

The SIM itself is not locked: you can use it in any compatible cellular phone.


Only phones bought in a "package", together with a SIM, can be locked. If the phone is locked, it is allways written on the box (legal reasons)! If you have to sign a contract before they let you take the phone home, it is likely to be NOT locked. But if you don't have to legitimeer yourself at all, it is probably locked.

A phone is likely to be locked if:

  • it is realy cheap;
  • you didn't even have to tell your name in the shop (eg prepaid).

A phone is likely NOT to be locked if:

  • it is realy old (Nokia 2110 etc.);
  • you signed a contract to pay abonnement for at least a year;
  • if you buy a loose phone without a SIM (off course).

But only by trying with a different SIM you can be sure.
The SIMs and the phones won't break from this.


  • lock phone to SIM
  • lock phone to OPERATOR (network lock)
  • lock phone to CODE (product lock = offer lock)

If your phone is locked to the SIM you cannot use any other SIM than the one you have: SIM broken makes phone useless.

If your phone is locked to an operator, you can use any SIM from this operator in your phone. You can switch between abonnement and prepaid as you wish, but not to a different operator.

If your phone is locked to a code, the phone checks a special "password" (GID) on the SIM that must match your phone. Providers often use different passwords for abonnement and prepaid.

Note: a phone can have more than 1 lock active at the same time!


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